Drilling Rigs


The Explora 50 designed for drillers needing the performance of a medium sized exploration rig, with the convenience of a rig that fits on a small 4 x 4 truck and able to get into limited access sites.The Explora series drilling rigs have been built to be light but strong, and have a lattice style mast with cylinders & cables for the head feed & pull-back. Our Explora range has an impressive 7,000 kg of pull back force with both high speed traverse & fine feed control. All drills in the range are fitted with Caterpillar diesel engines in a fully enclosed compartment with a lockable door for daily servicing & easily removed panels for major servicing.

Drilling Rigs:

There are options for single or dual winches & all winches are fitted with anti-drop valve & fail safe multi disc brakes. The winches can be set up with up to 2,000 kg line pull & the wire line can have up to 150 meters of rope storage.

Two Speed Gearbox:

One of the highlights of this rig is the new innovative two speed drive head with a very impressive 2,500 Nm of torque @ 0 – 140 RPM in low speed & 460 Nm @ 0 – 750 RPM in high speed. The change of speed is controlled from a switch on the console and the speed can be changed either stopped or on the fly. The drive head also incorporates a 48mm hollow shaft for high volume mud / air flow and can be fitted with one of our own high flow swivels or an off the shelf generic type.

Mud Pump:

The Explora series drilling rigs can be fitted with high pressure APS71 diaphragm pumps for 0 – 70 LPM @ up to 600 PSI, or Mono pumps with flow capacities up to 400 LPM. All mud pumps are hydraulic driven with variable speed control.


The control console is laid out for ease of operation with pressure gauges for mud / air, down feed, up feed & forward rotation. There are adjustable pressure controls for up and down force, and flow controls for fine feed & mud pump. Operation of the drill is made easy with the auto drill stem compensation that enables the driller to set the required feed rate and this speed will be maintained irrespective of the increasing weight of the drill stem.


The Explora series drill rigs have been designed with driller & offsider safety as the highest priority, with features like safety cage, emergency stop switches & hydraulic breakout stylsons fitted as standard, with optional hydraulic rod clamps that fit into the table to round off the package.

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