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Innovative Hydraulics began building drilling rigs almost 8 years ago when a customer approached company Director John Hirst and asked him to build a drilling rig that was similar to the rig that he was using on a Hilux Ute. This unit was used for the soil testing of residential and commercial buildings.

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John was excited at the opportunity to build and design something that was out of the normal product range for Innovative Hydraulics at that time, and saw ways in which he could only improve on the product that the customer already had, therefore building a product that was compact, sturdy and capable of more than the customer ever expected.

This has been both a great opportunity and success for our business ever since.

Innovative Hydraulics custom builds all of its products which has opened up a wide market for versatility and design in our business. John and the team have worked very closely with our customers to be able to deliver a product that meets the customers specific need for moving their business forward..

Over the past eight years Innovative Hydraulics have worked on developing a range of products that are compact, full of great features, strength and versatility.

Commited to Quality

Over the years Innovative Hydraulics Drilling Rigs have been shipped all over Australia and even overseas. We take great pride in building a quality product within our own workshop with a team of dedicated staff who are committed to achieving a high standard of excellence in all of the work that they do. Our staff carries many years of experience in every area of our hydraulic manufacturing business.

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Australian Manufacturing Engineers who design and build Geotechnical, Water Boring,and Exploration Drilling Rigs.

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At Innovative Hydraulics we are passionate about specializing in designing systems and machines that meet the needs of our customers, and we are continually adding to and improving our range of products.

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